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Love in the Time of COVID-19

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Human beings are designed to be physical. To gather together in groups. To hug, to touch, to kiss. It’s a strange, biological instinct that we have never truly been capable of sidestepping. We’re pack animals, at heart. We aren’t designed to function alone. Even the most introverted among us. Even me.

In the last ten to fifteen years, we’ve made huge technological strides. We’ve moved so much of our lives online. And the debate has raged, back and forth: Does the internet leave us lonelier? Or does it leave us better connected than ever?

Both, I think. Both at once.

Which brings us to now. To pandemic. To a world forced into a digital space.

In 2020, we have found ourselves in a frozen moment. Half the world is locked down. We do our best to maintain our routines, to hold onto normalcy where we can. But we all know that normal has dissolved before our eyes.

I can’t think too far ahead right now. I’m not a scientist, I’m not a politician. I stay informed, I do as I’m told, but I have to live moment to moment. I can’t let myself go down the six months track. I can’t think of all the people I won’t see, all the missed moments, the missed cuddles. I can’t, so of course, I still do.

I think this strange turn of events will leave us all able to see what I had already surmised:

1) The internet is a powerful and wonderful tool for communication. It connects us all.

2) The internet forces a layer of distance between us. It separates us all.

What is love, in the time of COVID-19?

A Netflix show worth a binge watch. An assortment of heart emojis. Shopping bags left on the doorstep.

What is love, in the time of COVID-19?

Love is staying home.

Love is remembering why.

Love is stopping your life in place to save the lives of others.

This is all that we, as regular human beings, can do. So, we do it. We video chat. We queue, at a safe distance from one another, to get into the supermarket. As much as we are able, we stay in our houses.

I won’t tell you to make the best of it. Just make of it whatever you are able. And keep remembering why.

Cara x