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What Does Professional Growth Look Like?

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Growth, both on a personal and a professional level, is vital. The alternative is stagnation and decay.

It's never comfortable to admit that you are not perfect, to admit past mistakes, to take responsibility for the things you have and have not done. Just like people, businesses can get set in their ways.

But just like people, businesses should not want to find themselves on the wrong side of history.

In the past few weeks, following the murder of George Floyd, thousands and thousands of businesses and corporations have responded, in one way or another, to the Black Lives Matter movement.

These responses have varied hugely in terms of content and quality, and reception to these responses has varied in kind. So, what separates the fake from the genuine? How can you tell them apart?

Well-received responses to the situation have

1. Been thoughtful

  • Well-considered, un-rushed

  • Carefully worded

  • Demonstrative of real care and concern

2. Been nuanced

  • More than a single, surface-level statement

  • Invested in accurately representing situations of injustice

  • Maintained a continual level of investment and engagement

3. Been active

  • Time pledged

  • Effort pledged

  • Money pledged

  • Petitions/phone numbers/email addresses/contact addresses shared

4. Been honest

  • Expressed in a truthful and non-performative manner

  • Previously held ignorances and ongoing privileges acknowledged

5. Been black-focused

  • Black voices are elevated

  • Black creators are spotlighted

  • Black opinions/ideas are heard, appreciated, and correctly attributed

To grow is not easy. Often, it is difficult and raw. The term "growing pains" exists for a reason, after all. It hurts to become something new.

But it hurts far, far worse to die at the hands of a person who should have served and protected you. Black Lives Matter. All lives cannot matter until black lives do.

If you want to support the movement, but don't know where to start, check out It's Nice That's list of compiled resources.

Cara x