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COVID-19 Update: Navigating Difficult Times

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

I’ve been staring at this blank page for three days now. Every word, sentence and paragraph that I write doesn’t feel good enough. I want to be able to explain to you what’s going on in the world. But I don’t even understand it myself.

I have writer’s block. Certainly not a new phenomenon. Inconvenient and irritating, though, when writing is your job. When your blog is due a post.

I’m struggling to find inspiration. I’m struggling to hold onto any creative train of thought, because I’m constantly distracted. Writing has always been my safe place. My solace. The thing that I genuinely love to do.

But at a time when everything seems uncertain, it has let me down. It has left me speechless.

And that’s okay.

Truth is it’s hard, right now, to focus on anything other than COVID-19. And of course, to a degree, it deserves our attention.

We must sit and think about what we can do to help, about how we can go about making a difference.

It doesn’t need to be huge. Dropping a note through an elderly neighbour’s door offering help where needed, perhaps. Or choosing not to ram our trollies full of three huge packs of loo roll. Even in self-isolation, confined to our own homes, we can still digitally check in with our friends.

It’s okay to pause. To reflect. To take a breath. And we mustn’t lose faith. We mustn’t begin to believe that this is now our permanent normal. I know that my ideas for writing will come flooding back to me. And in the meantime, I have plenty of client briefs to be going along with.

At Syntactical, we’re still very much here. As a digital business, we are much more concerned for our clients than for ourselves. We are honouring all current responsibilities/jobs. We are doing our best to offer any further support that we can.

If your business is struggling (unsure of what to say about COVID-19/unsure of what comes next/unsure of how to express any of this to your clientele), please reach out. We’re here to help. Difficult communications are our bread and butter.

Don’t lose hope.

Permit yourself time to breathe. Permit yourself time for distraction. Do what you can.

Lily x