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Cool Writing-Themed Gift Ideas

A couple of years ago, the title of "present whisperer" was bestowed upon me. Ever since, I've held onto this unofficial position with great pride.

Sure, I may not be able to answer difficult maths questions, or jump rope (embarrassing, I know), but if you need gift ideas, I'm your girl! Especially if your gift recipient happens to be a writer.

Here are a few small businesses, run by passionate people, whose original and individual creations would make perfect gifts for the writers in your life. Or, perhaps, for yourself, as a no doubt well-deserved treat.

1. Blue Stiggy

Blue Stiggy is owned by Textile Artist and Maker, Michaela. At Blue Stiggy, Michaela and her typewriter, Dorothy, make personalised, hand-bound notebooks.

Starting from £8, these beautifully crafted, eco-friendly notebooks are available on Etsy, and on Blue Stiggy's website.

(Images from Blue Stiggy’s Instagram)

2. The Paper Circus

Stationery is always the obvious answer when it comes to writing-themed gifts. But some writers are already inundated with the stuff, and might hardly have the room for an extra pencil.

If you're looking for something on brand, but a little outside the box, why not consider jewellery? The Paper Circus sell carefully created origami earrings made from hand-folded book pages.

The earrings can be purchased on Etsy, in an array of plated metal finishes. Staring from £10, they would be a delicate, yet stylish, addition to any literary fan's jewellery collection.

(Images from The Paper Circus’s Instagram)

3. Bagsy Me First!

Kate, owner of Bagsy Me First, started making bags out of mainly second-hand books in 2013.

With a wide variety of different book covers available, you’re bound to find the perfect gift. And, if you have something special in mind, Bagsy Me First! offer custom-made orders.

(Images from Bagsy Me First’s Instagram)

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Lily x