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We first connected with Content Chef in 2021 when Founder and Director Daryl Charman inquired about our availability for surplus work. We’ve continued to assist Daryl as required over the years, collaborating on website and print content for various clients. It’s always a pleasure to work with a fellow marketing agency, honing our craft while utilising our shared language and understanding to deliver the best possible results. 


  • A social media playbook

  • An 800-word SEO blog for a footwear brand

  • 1,000-word SEO blogs for a marketing platform 

  • 800-word SEO blogs for a marketing agency 

  • 800-word SEO blogs for a design agency 

  • 2,000-word SEO blogs for a recruitment agency 

  • Website content for a signage company 

  • A brochure for a sporting equipment company


"Cara and Lily are excellent copywriters. They both have a true talent for creative writing and a natural ability at adapting to many tones. In terms of delivery, they’re always transparent and punctual, making them an absolute dream to work with."

Daryl Charman, Founder and Director, Content Chef Ltd

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