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Exciting Writing-Themed Gift Ideas #2

Despite the plethora of difficulties that 2020 gave us, there were a few positives.

For example: In the midst of some really hard times, the #supportsmall movement gained a lot of traction. And we were proud to be even the tiniest part of that trend.

Last year, we posted a blog - "Exciting Writing-Themed Gift Ideas" - that shared some magical small business creations, perfect for the writer in your life. Ready for another installment?

If you're looking for original, creative products from original, creative people, look no further...

1. VENT for Change

VENT for Change is an eco-friendly stationery company based in Bristol, founded by Evan Lewis.

With beautiful notebooks and incredible recycled pencils on offer, this stationery is attractive, sustainable and charitable.

VENT donates proceeds from every purchase to global education programmes.

You can find VENT for Change's wonderful selection (prices from £3.98) right here.

2. Victoria Mae Designs

Before sitting down and starting a day of writing, we can't not make ourselves a cuppa. So a gift that combines writing and tea?

Things couldn't get any better.

Victoria Mae is a Belfast-based surface designer who specialises in printed pattern and illustration. Do yourself a favour and browse her incredible array of tea-themed gifts, including her Book Lover's Tea Set.

With prices starting at just £5.50, Victoria Mae's products can be purchased from her website or her Etsy page.

3. This Girl is Mighty

Sidenote: If you're wondering whether we wrote this blog hoping that someone would buy us these things, you're not totally off-base. We adore everything listed, and if our loved ones get any ideas from this post? ...We certainly won't complain.

This Girl is Mighty (killer name!) was created by Heather Elliot, and sells ethically-made stationery and homeware aimed to inspire women.

This Girl is Mighty's amazing collection, starting from £3, will almost definitely contain the perfect gift for the coolest wordsmith queen in your life.

Check it out for yourself on Etsy.

4. Nabu

Nabu, created by Bonita Poole in 2016, specialises in the production of creative, unique gifts for literary lovers.

You're bound to find what you're looking for because Nabu sells everything from bookmarks to jewellery. You might even find stuff you weren't looking for, but should have been!

Browse the entire shop on Nabu's website. Prices start as low as £1.95.

That was Exciting Writing-Themed Gift Ideas, installment number two.

If you're a small business looking to attract well-deserved attention, don't hesitate to get in touch. We'd love to chat.


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