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5 Common Copywriting Mistakes

Writing is a skill. But it's also a craft. It's much more subjective and open to interpretation than something like accounting ever could be. There's usually only one right answer mathematically. In the world of content writing, there are many.

However... Copywriting is a specific beast. It needs to function correctly. It needs to sell. And it can definitely be done wrong.

Here are five common copywriting mistakes you should try your best to avoid...

1. Lack of defined goals

Heading into a piece of copywriting with no sense of what it's aiming to accomplish is never a recipe for success. Copy should be intentional, defined and purposeful. A clear goal keeps the focus tight and ensures expectations are met.

2. No audience understanding

If you don't have a deep and accurate understanding of your intended target audience, you risk completely missing the mark with your content. Ask questions. Gather data. Use the information you collect to create interesting, engaging copy.

3. Poor sourcing

Don't ram your copy full of stats and facts without sourcing them! If you want your customer base to trust what you're selling and see you as legitimate, you need to evidence your claims by providing valid, well-regarded sources.

4. First draft vibes

Even tiny errors quickly contribute to an air of unprofessionalism. A 'your' that ought to be a 'you're'. A few stray commas. Some extra 'u's in a piece written for a US audience. Edit, edit, edit again. Don't give off first draft vibes in finished copy.

5. No accounting for SEO

If you want your online marketing content to be seen, it's important that you have at least a basic SEO strategy in place. Build your plan, do your research and determine your target keywords. Don't let your work digitally disappear.

If you're searching for content writing support, we'd love to help. Please get in touch.


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