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Why Hire an Editor?

At Syntactical, we offer flexible and scalable content support.

For one client, a full package - ideation, research, copywriting, editing - might be appropriate. For another, a proofing and editing service designed to make their words shine might be better suited.

You'd be stunned by the difference a good edit can make, be it a quick spelling and grammar scan or a more involved rewrite.

And you'd be amazed at the number of errors that manage to sneak their way into publications, advertising campaigns and marketing copy.

Whether you're hoping for content support at a lower price point than the full package, looking to retain a certain level of control over your brand's content, or just curious, these are our three key reasons to consider hiring an editor:

1) New, Objective Eyes

After long enough spent writing something, you begin to become blind to your own work. You miss silly mistakes that you would spot immediately in anyone else's content, from grammar issues to overuse of certain words or devices.

And you think, sometimes, 'I wish I could look at this through new eyes...'

That's where proofing and editing come in. Never underestimate the importance of a fresh, objective pair of eyes. Distance is a powerful tool, and it's yours to utilise.

2) Focused Expertise

Professional proofreaders are trained to catch errors. They're equipped with a strong understanding of all the most common grammar mistakes. (Their, they're and there. It's and its. The minefield of double negatives. So on.)

Professional editors can take this a step further, depending on your requirements. They can see through what you've written to what you're really trying to say. They can deploy synonyms and shift sentence structures with care, attention and focus.

3) Business Benefits

There are two main business benefits attached to investing in editing support. The first? We'll save you time.

When you pass on editing responsibilities to an expert, you regain time to spend on the other stuff you're juggling, like client care, idea generation, and product/content creation.

Benefit two? In the long term, an editor will make you money.

Professional, polished content is hugely important in such a saturated market. An editor can take your copy from 'good' to 'great'. From 'just another article' to 'stand-out content'. This, in turn, can bring more customers to your door.

If you're searching for proofing and editing support, please get in touch. Several levels of intervention are available depending on client preferences.


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