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What Does It Mean to Hire a Copywriter?

There's some misconception surrounding the term 'copywriter', both in terms of the actual definition and what it would mean to hire one.

Often, when we tell people in our day-to-day lives what we do, they assume that it has something to do with law and copyright. But that's only the first hurdle!

In the professional world, even those who have a basic understanding of our role don't have a true sense of what we can do for them. Time for some myth-busting? Let's break down a few common concerns about hiring a copywriter...

1. "Will people think that I can't write if I hire a copywriter?"

Of course not. The act of hiring a copywriter has much more to do with delegation and specialism than it does with talent or writing ability. Being able to do something is not the same as a) needing to do it, or b) having time to do it.

Anyone who runs a business knows that the job comes with a massive amount of customer-facing and non-customer-facing labour. There's nothing wrong with delegating the tasks that can be delegated.

Especially since copywriting itself is a specific skill. We aren't just writers - we're marketers. Masters of persuasive writing, in particular, who know how to optimise your copy for search engines and repurpose content for different forms.

2. "Will hiring a copywriter mean that I lose my creative control?"

The amazing thing about writing service providers is that we are flexible. We work for you, and as such, we work around you. You can be as involved (or, indeed, as uninvolved) as you like.

If your company has no existing tone of voice guidelines, we will happily work with you to create these, ensuring you're always happy with the wording, language and branding we deliver on your behalf.

We're here for what you need, always open to collaboration.

3. "Will I have to come up with ideas for the copywriter?"

Much as above, this question has a hundred different answers. The right answer for your business depends on you! Basically: No, not if you don't want to.

Take blogs as an example. Some clients will present us with a blog post concept and a docket of pre-prepared research and say, 'Write exactly this.' Conversely, some simply say, 'Write me a blog about anything in my field.'

In short: When you get in touch with a copywriter, you are in control. This is your show. We're only here to help.

You make the decisions. You set your preferred level of involvement. You decide how much you want to steer the content being produced. What does it mean to hire a copywriter? Whatever you, as a business owner, want it to mean.

Contact us to find out more.


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